Providing AUTOMATED 835 to EFT Reconciliation

Big Data Healthcare is focused on improving healthcare results through data intelligence.

Reconciliation Automation

Our automation solutions help Banks and Healthcare Providers comply with the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), and the NACHA mandated ERA / EFT Operating Rules.

Data Intelligence for Healthcare

FUSE is the industry’s premier Bank, Clearinghouse, and Billing System neutral offering; we work in tandem with these existing technologies. The solution increases revenue, shortens the associated revenue cycle, and significantly decreases manual processing costs.

  • FUSE
  • FUSE+
  • ERAX
  • EOBX
  • Payx
Big Data Healthcare is focused on improving Healthcare payment and remittance results through transaction intelligence. Our core solution, FUSE, eliminates the manual reconciliation of remittances to deposits, along with the manual posting of payments into the Patient Accounting or Practice Management System.
Big Data Healthcare is focused on improving Healthcare payment and remittance results through data intelligence. Building on our core solution, FUSE, our premier offering, FUSE+, provides robust payment and remittance data intelligence for any business office and cash posting team.

ERAX (ERA X-Change) is our automated reconciliation offering that adds extensive customizable splitting and processing logic to any existing Clearinghouse, Bank, EMR/EHR, Lockbox and/or Document Management System; ERAX compliments these existing platforms and technologies.

Big Data Healthcare simplifies the EOB conversion process by working directly with your existing bank lockbox. For customers with no current lockbox, Big Data Healthcare can provide a remote scanning solution, or offer a bank neutral wholesale lockbox. Our solutions offer the convenience of capturing and batching the received images in preparation for conversion to manufactured ANSI835 file format for auto-posting.
Big Data Healthcare is focused on improving healthcare results through data intelligence. For many healthcare organizations, access to data is often more difficult than it ought to be for many reasons.
BD BOX (Big Data Lockbox) is a bank-neutral lockbox offering service provided by Big Data Healthcare. Our healthcare clients will direct their payers and patients to send all payment remittance information to a special post office box. We will receive, open, sort, and scan all information, and deposit payments directly into our healthcare client’s bank account.
PAYX  (PAY X-Change), our non-disruptive Patient Payment offering, works in tandem with your existing Patient Statement Vendor, Merchant Processor, Bank, Patient Accounting or Practice Management System, Clearinghouse, Billing Agency, Lockbox, and/or Document Management System.
EDITS (EDI Translation Solution) is our automated remittance (835) modification offering that helps correct those remittance files that do not post accurately, or simply error out. Using your business rules and data, we correct and rebuild these 835 files, then reconcile them back to their corresponding deposits through our online portal FUSE, where you can view all matched and unmatched files.

Accelerated Cash Posting

Our software enables you to take advantage of automated 835 to EFT matching and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to ANSI 835 conversions.  Eliminate human error and manual posting costs by engaging our automation solutions.

We Work With Your Existing Technology

FUSE works in conjunction with your existing bank, clearinghouse, and billing system. Instantly gain visibility / access to your MATCHED 835s, as well as a dedicated workflow cue for

Your Workforce

Leave the heavy lifting to us. When leveraging our automation, your valuable FTE resources can focus on revenue-generating tasks, i.e. denials, appeals, underpayments, etc.

Zero Pay Reporting

Gain instant visibility into your “zero payments.” Whether it’s a coding, eligibility, insurance, or keying related issue, you can determine the root cause of the denial.

Fullview Spectrum of Entire AR

Instant visibility into how your revenue cycle is performing overall or for the areas over which you are responsible – SWITCH includes standard dashboards that cover
areas like:
Active AR, outstanding AR, AR trending, Insurance AR with aging, Self-pay AR with aging, Active denials, Denials trending, Gross and net collection rates, Write-off trending, and Payor mix trending.

Denial Management and Reports

Example – you need to calculate your First Pass Rate, Primary Denial Rate, and Net Collection Rate for ICD-10 code R06.02 for the past two years…what do you do? With SWITCH, our solution enables you to immediately generate an analysis out by procedure, payor, or a combination of both.

Dedicated Onboarding and Support

Our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) roots run deep!  We have a dedicated on-boarding team that provides hands-on executive level support to meet your critical timelines.


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