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FUSE is the industry’s premier bank, clearinghouse, and EMR / EHR neutral offering;  FUSE works in tandem with your existing technology.  FUSE will automate 835 to deposit matching, along with the conversion of EOBs / PDFs to 835 formats.

FUSE provides instant visibility and access to your MATCHED 835s, as well as a dedicated workflow cue for UNMATCHED 835s.  FUSE will accelerate cash-posting, expedite access to working capital, and help streamline and prioritize FTE workflows.

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What’s new at BDHC?

BDHC introduces two new enterprise products to our core suite.

FUSE Intelligence (FI):  Building from our core FUSE solution, FI provides robust payment and remittance reporting for any central billing office, cash-posting, or finance team.  FI delivers several additional HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, payment and remittance dashboards that are fueled by your existing remittance and claim files, payment-posting reports, and bank deposit files.

ALLOCATE is our enterprise cash management solution which delivers real-time reconciliation and transparency into all bank transactions and provides a unified workflow for the organization.  ALLOCATE will manage patient AR vs non-patient AR and offers one portal to manage every credit and debit of your bank account.

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big data healthcare testimonials what our clients are saying

what our clients are saying

“Within a 72-hour timeframe, Big Data Healthcare (BDHC) received and processed all of our Government and Commercial 835s, along with ingested all Bank deposit detail from our top 3 incumbent banks – no easy feat. Unheard of in this healthcare “FinTech” environment.

Needless to say, we are very impressed, and look forward to seeing what else BDHC can provide in terms of automating our payment to remittance processing and cash-posting workflows.”

Jerry Williams • Amedisys

“Within a 2 week period, Big Data Healthcare (BDHC) was able to ingest all 835s from multiple sources, all deposit files from multiple bank accounts, and completely streamline/automate our 835 remittance to deposit reconciliation process

As a result, cash posting has been greatly accelerated by implementing FUSE. This large client is now one of our premier testimonial sites. We will continue to leverage the full width and breadth of Big Data’s EDI solutions and services”

Nicholas Lamb • Homecare Homebase